A downloadable asset pack

Since so many antivirus programs are falsely reporting my game as a virus, I've decided to make it open-source so curious people can see there's nothing bad going on.

Just download RouxMiniGames_1_0_0_0_src_code.zip and build the solution in Visual Studio. It'll generate Game.exe which you can verify is the same one I used for the actual game. I use the free version of Visual Studio 2015.

You may need to change at least one absolute file path for it to build: the intermediate directory "IntDir" in the file MiniGamesSln.props. Also, make sure you switch the build configuration to "Release" and "x86".

If you have a problem building it, let me know!


RouxMiniGames_1_0_0_0_src_code.zip 4 MB


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how do i build this???


What problem are you having?

idk what to do like idk the steps to build it

i'm also using the 2019 version of the visual thingy


You might wanna try the pre-built version: https://furogames.itch.io/roux-the-dragon

i tried but my windows defender counted this as a virus :/

oh also are you going to give him a reaction to you petting his head, tail ,belly and front paws or nah?

I won't be adding any more to this game.

idk what to change "IntDir" too 
and i have it set on "Release" but it keeps saying
"Could not start program could not find file specified"

You should be able to change IntDir to any path that exists on your computer. And building the source code almost certainly won't make the virus warning go away. It's the same .exe. That's the point. :P


Are you currently working on another game? 

And do you have Discord?


Yes to both. I'm almost finished with my next game! It's not a furry sex one though. My Discord is TayFerret#4740


Okay, I sent a friend request!