A downloadable asset pack

Since so many antivirus programs are falsely reporting my game as a virus, I've decided to make it open-source so curious people can see there's nothing bad going on.

Just download RouxMiniGames_1_0_0_0_src_code.zip and build the solution in Visual Studio. It'll generate Game.exe which you can verify is the same one I used for the actual game. I use the free version of Visual Studio 2015.

You may need to change at least one absolute file path for it to build: the intermediate directory "IntDir" in the file MiniGamesSln.props. Also, make sure you switch the build configuration to "Release" and "x86".

If you have a problem building it, let me know!


RouxMiniGames_1_0_0_0_src_code.zip 4 MB

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