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A couple of sexy mini-games involving my dragon character named Roux.

You can pet him, rub his footpaws, edge him, and make him pee and cum.

Browser/mobile version (no audio): http://tayferret.com/roux.php


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RouxMiniGames_1_0_0_0.zip 8 MB

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Yes! A dragon pissing on itself!! BEST GAME EVER!!!!


I love going through the low polygon game tag and randomly finding Dragon porn. Not complaining, just thought it was funny.

the download is breaking, i also tried the alternet download. but sadly it keeps breaking it either wont download or it says the files arent in the .zip file when i can litterly see the files and it wont let me extract the files if it wont regester them being there

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Your browser or antivirus software might be interfering. I'm not sure.


will there be any updates to this game?

I'm not planning any for this game, but I might use this character more in the future!


TBH, We need more of Roux  :1

I'd like to make an upgraded, higher-detail model of him sometime too. :)


Played this a bit ago and I just had to tip :3 It's really great and you have a talent for making stuff I like! Keep it up! <3


I will do my best. :)


Maybe you could make a game like this again, but like, online. You can customise your dragon and dick, make your paws dirty or not, stuff like that.

Plus more fetishes would be fun, like size difference and stuff like that.

And is that dragon model available for Blender?

Yeah, I was thinking of doing a multiplayer thing like this. I've got other plans for my next game to work on though, but I haven't fully decided yet.

I made the dragon model available for Patreon subscribers only, but I killed my Patreon. :P Maybe I'll make it available sometime in the future.


Okay, Cool ^^

Love everything you do

You should add like a "free camera" mode or add some new angles. I personally would Love that.

Probably for my next game. Not all angles would look good with this one.


Alright, can't wait for your next game then. Hopefully there'll be multiple angles.  (and more watersports :P)


Oh yes, watersports too. :)




wish there were more games like this


I'll probably make some more. :)


Hope you add more piss fun here


If not here, I will add it somewhere else. :D


Do you had in mind create roux rpg with piss


Maybe! I dunno if he will be a character in it, but I wanna make games with pee.


Maybe a undertail like game But instead of soul combat it's more piss orientated and in 3d :)


I haven't played Undertail, but pee-based combat could be entertaining. :P

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Unfortunately there's nothing I can do to fix that. :(


I'm having a butt load of issues, mostly my computer telling me I don't have owner/admin rights rights to move, open, allow through firewall or pretty much anything to do with the actual game application and since I'm not very tech savvy, I have 0 idea why. Any Help would be awesome.

Hmmm. There should be a way to run it as an administrator. I don't know much about Windows permissions stuff. I'm always on an administrator account.

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That's the odd thing though, I am the admin of my computer, yet it's just telling me I don't have any permissions for the game application, oddly when I try to run it and it tells me to eat a dick, the game application deletes itself some how.

Strange. My only guess is that there's some weird antivirus stuff interfering.


Maybe, but it also wont let me exclude it because of the same issue. 

Deleted 27 days ago

very fun, wish there was more!


just gotta say its cute and simple 10/10. Are you planning on adding anymore to it later on as well? (not that it really needs it)


Maybe, I'm not sure. For now I've got some other things to work on.


Ok so I just wanted to say props to you because this may be one of the most innovative games I've seen this year and I think that the concept is unique and has a lot of potential. Keep up the good work and I look forward to updates.


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I'll put that on the back of the game box!

"One of the most innovative games this year" -Wyvernstudios


Since so many antivirus programs are falsely reporting my game as a virus, I've decided to make it open-source so curious people can see there's nothing bad going on.

Check it out here: https://furogames.itch.io/roux-the-dragon-source-code

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It's possible, but I don't have plans to at the moment.



I put the .zip file to see what exactly what was being flagged through VirusTotal. There are quite a few different ones under the .exe file itself.

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Mmhmm, I looked at it there too. Not sure there's anything I can do about it. I'll just have to hope my next game doesn't trigger these things. :P

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my computer wont let the game run because it keeps thinking its a virus. Can someone help?
Edit: nevermind just had to fiddle with my pc security thingy enough for it to understand that the dragon masturbation game is safe. by the way, wonderful game, im excited to see what comes in the future

I'm glad you got it to work! For some reason it gets falsely flagged as a virus by some antivirus programs. :(

yay, it's finally out!~


um it gets detected by windows defender as a trojan


Well, I promise it isn't. :P

Omg i want to play it. Any android version?

There's a browser version that you can play on a phone. No sound in that one though. http://tayferret.com/roux.php